Friday, May 15, 2009

Rush Limbaugh Says Non-Profits are Bloodsuckers

In a commencement speech at Arizona State University, Obama encouraged graduates to find ways to help their country outside a mainstream career track. Rush Limbaugh used this as a springboard to announce that non-profit organizations are parasitic bloodsuckers, not worth of attention from this year's graduates. Better find a real job than become a beggar, a dependent on society. Well, read it for yourself:

Obama: "Did you study business? Why not help a struggling not-for-profit to find better, more effective ways to serve folks in need? You study nursing? Understaffed clinics and hospitals across this country are desperate for your help. You study education? Teach in a high-needs school. Give a chance to kids who can't -- who can't get everything they need, maybe, in their neighborhood, maybe not even their home, but we can't afford to give up on them. Prepare them to compete for any job anywhere in the world. You study engineering? Help us lead a green revolution, developing new sources of clean energy that will power our economy and preserve our planet. Find somebody to be successful forward. Raise their hopes! Rise to their needs."

Rush: "By definition, how does a nonprofit operate? A nonprofit begs for money from other people. A nonprofit lives on donations, and the people that run nonprofits have to siphon some of the donations that they collect as their salaries. That, somehow, is preferable to going out and producing something and expanding the economic pie? Yeah, go to a nonprofit. Ask somebody else for money! Get credit for caring. Get credit for not being concerned for profit. I never met anybody at a nonprofit didn't care about money. People at nonprofits care as much about money as anybody else does, except they don't work for it. They beg for it. They feed off of others. They're like the US government, except they can't print their money. They're bloodsuckers!"

A short list of non-profit bloodsuckers who don't work for their money, parasites on our country who bleed from and destroy the rugged individual:

1. Focus on the Family
2. NRA
3. Swiftboat Veterans for Truth
4. The Heritage Foundation

Or how about a longer list...

1. The Salvation Army
2. Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
4. American Red Cross
5. March of Dimes
6. Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (beneficiary of Rush's annual drive)
7. Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation Inc. (beneficiary of Rush's donation from his sale of Harry Reid's letter on Ebay)
8. Freedom Alliance (beneficiary of Sean Hannity's concert series)
9. USO: Operation USO Care Package
10. American Cancer Society

If the people who work for these organizations were listening to Rush's show yesterday they heard a powerful message: "You don't work, you beg. You don't help us, you bleed us. And you people who chose to get jobs working at parasitic suckholes like these should reconsider your careers. If you'd had any sense as college grads, you'd have pursued real jobs in real corporations where people work for their money instead of begging."

In other words, thanks!

Red Cross Workers Loafing Around

Bloodsuckers! You should be ashamed!

Shriners Children's Hospital: People working here should have gotten a real job!

The YMCA sucked the life out of all of these sad little children.


  1. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Where to begin? But should Rush ever need a blood donation, I assume he won't beg for one. He'll work for it, of course. And pay good money.

  2. Anonymous2:03 PM

    I wanted to leave a comment but it's hard because I'm frothing at the mouth.

    I help at Southeastern Virginia Foodbank where there are a few paid employees who work like ants on steroids. If it weren't for these dear souls, there would be much more hunger and suffering than presently exists.

    Sometimes I forgive Rush L. for his shenanigans because the man is funny. But not this time.

  3. Anonymous4:07 PM

    This is the first time I have read your blog and I can see that you are an intelligent young woman.

    However- apparantly, you are not a regular Limbaugh listener and missed his point completely.

    He wasn't really calling charities bloodsuckers.

    He pointed out that Obama's speech encouraged the graduates to become non-achievers. To NOT use their expensive educations to succeed or "go for the brass ring."
    They should work in noble careers and give to the less fortunate.

    Rush's point-was that is the ACHIEVERS who make the money that flows to the non-profits and help them do their good works.

    He was being ironic- and it takes a while to get his biting wit and way of getting his point made.

    There is nothing wrong with doing well.
    There is nothing wrong with making money.
    There is nothing wrong with the Capitalist system that this President is so desperately trying to destroy.

    And I agree with Rush-If I had been a parent who paid good money for my child to go to that college and graduate-and the President basically said- the heck with what you just accomplished. Now go out and become a non-achiever. You are going to "remake" America by taking some low paying do-gooder jobs and help the underpriviledged. But don't strive for excellence. Don't make money and a better way of life for your family a goal. I would have asked for my money back!

  4. Anon, for some, taking a low-paying do-gooder job to help the underprivileged (or, you know, kids with cancer) IS striving for excellence.

  5. Anonymous6:00 PM

    Anon again here.

    I understand that low paying jobs to help the under-privieldged and stricken are good, noble, self-fulfilling and most of these folks ARE striving for excellence.
    I am not taking away from their efforts at all.

    The point is, that people who achieve, make money and SUCCEED- are able to both help the underpriveledged (either by donations or volunteerism).

    Real world, all non-profits depend on money to be able to good work.

    Where does the money come from?
    Successful people who make good money.
    And money from multiple ACHIEVERS allow the charities to survive, thrive, grow and pay the good hearted, hard working low paid, salt-of-the-earth people with large hearts and good souls.

    I am a strong supporter of a number of charities-the Lion's Camp for Blind, Diabled and Cancer Children is my biggest and closest to my heart.
    So I speak first-hand.
    Not just bloviating.

  6. Anonymous (#2, not Anonymous #1),

    I think you and I differ in our definition of non-achiever.

    According to your definition, I am a non-achiever. I went to college, graduate school (although I was on an academic scholarship, so I guess my disappointed parents can't ask for their money back). I worked for a while, then became a mother. Then became a homeschooling mother.

    I make zero money at this.

    According to you and Rush, no one should EVER do what I am doing. No one should EVER go to college and then choose to be a teacher, a fireman, a minister. A terrible waste of an education, when I could be out there making lots of lovely money and buying things for my family.

    You're defending capitalism. Capitalism isn't under attack here. No one said there was anything wrong with earning money or doing well. However, Rush (and now you) said that there *was* something wrong with making a life choice that wasn't motivated by financial success.

    I'm so glad I'm not your child, and that my parents understood the value of a career, or in my case a calling, that isn't motivated by money.

  7. Anonymous10:31 PM

    Its my feeling that what Rush was saying was a bit in between what the two polar extremes are.

    Rush was irate because a man who has done nothing but work to his own advantage to better his own economic position, who gives very little to charity (according to his tax records) and who lives a very rich and wealthy lifestyle, is going to the graduates and telling them that the very pursuits that HE has pursued are not noble.

    This is hypocrisy and from normal people its maddening, but from the President of the United States, its nauseating. It is the penultimate "Do as I say, not as I do" mentality. This is not the trait of a leader.

    Also, to clarify, Rush said that SOME non-profits are blood suckers, not all, though they do all rely on people and organizations that actually produce wealth to exist.

  8. Respectfully, I don't really need you to tell me what Obama said and what Rush said. I heard it, and I can read it for myself.

    Obama did *not* say "Pursuing wealth is not noble." And Rush did not say "Some non-profits are bloodsuckers."

    It's nice of you to defend him, and interpret what you think he meant to say. Really, though, what he said was kind of indefensible.

  9. What a guy... Sometimes I wonder if he actually believes the garbage he spouts. The really sad thing is, there are so many who hang on his every word.

  10. Anonymous10:43 PM

    I make very little money. I guess I'm not an achiever. I was a Peace Corps volunteer--call me a bloodsucker.

    One thing I teach my son, don't say mean things just to be popular or gain power. There is nothing about Rush that I'd want my child to emulate.

  11. "There is nothing about Rush that I'd want my child to emulate."

    Agreed 100%

    If any of my children graduate from college and decide to "throw it all away" for job in a non-profit helping others I would burst with pride.And I would feel my money was truly well spent.

  12. Anonymous9:54 PM

    What a hatefull website. Tasteless. You hate anyone who does not agree with your opinion.


  13. Chris,

    Hateful has one "l" only. Fortunately for you the emotion I feel for those who leave poorly spelled comments is only strong dislike.


  14. Anonymous11:16 PM

    Like I said you are a person full of hate. By the way... I could care less whether you like me or not. You are arogant and rude. You obviously have a lot of opression in your past and now you are venting. Enjoy your miserable existence loser.


  15. Ginny1:48 PM


    And yet, Chris, your comment is full of love. You obviously have had a lot of magic unicorns in your past and now you are sharing rainbows. Enjoy being so happy and not needing to lash out, winner.

  16. Ms. Cheerio,
    You are a funny one. Love your comments back to the idiot Chris..ooops, it's not nice to call people idiot, or so I tell my children.

    Okay, he's just plain stupid.

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