Saturday, March 21, 2009

Disney World is Still in Florida

We went to Disney World for a week with Dan's family. Here are some pictures, taken by my brother-in-law with his enviable camera, to tell the tale:

Sadie and Sydney's bed:

Benny and Jack's bed:

Riding Kraken at Sea World. Front Row: Terri, Benny, Ashley, Andy. Second Row: Dan, Lydia. Yes, I rode Kraken.

Sadie in the play area:

How did Benny get so wet?:

Hollywood Studios. Benny battles Darth Vader:

Sydney and Sadie:

Belle and the children:

Aladdin's Carpets:

Sadie and Mom, going to Magic Kingdom on the ferry:

Expedition Everest. Front row: Benny, Ashley. Middle row: Dan, Andy. Back row: Terri, Lydia.

Did I take pictures? I *think* I did. They were just so violently inferior to Kevin's that I despair. But here's a link to my Flickr set for the Disney trip. There are many amusing photos there.

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  1. Where are those beds?! Not Pop. heehee