Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bike Night at the Botanical Gardens

Tiny girl rode her bike at the Botanical Gardens last night on their bike night. I took my trailer along too, just in case, but ended up walking my bike to the children's garden and back to the van, since she was determined to ride on her own, including up and down hills, very sternly pumping up the hills and very carefully braking her way down. She is AMAZING, this child. So steely, under all that pink fluff. She has definitely got a strong spirit inside. I hope she never decides to use her powers for evil.

Here they are at the children's garden playing in the fountains in their swimming suits. After this we crept back to the van at Sadie's pace, then put her bike in the back, she hopped in the trailer, and we took a ride at Benny pace. A good night. It's a pain in the bottom hauling bikes around but it's worth it -- the children love it and I do too.

Today we're off to Pennsylvania, leaving Dan here to dutifully continue his gainful employment and take care of the rabbit. I'll be blogging during the trip on my phone blog.

I finished the web site for a new project that Shez and I are launching on July 1. If you have time to help us out by checking it out, proofing it, scoping it for clarity issues, etc. it's right here: Book Arts Bash. It'll go live soon. I'm also in the process of soliciting judges, so if you tangentially (or intimately) know anyone like Eoin Colfer or Jan Brett can you let me know? Judging will be *extremely* easy and involve pulling several entries out of an envelope, picking the best one, and shoving it all back into another envelope with postage already on it, and cramming it back in the mail. I'm trying to solicit very awesome judges that will make the kids feel really proud and excited to enter.

Anyway, I'm packing up the old laptop now and washing some grapes and heading off to the farm. It is my hope that I'll have internet there. We'll see!

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