Thursday, February 07, 2008

The First International Homeschool Fun Bee

The Concept: A spelling bee that's not just about spelling, where you don't get eliminated, and everyone competes on their own level. Moms bring lists of ten questions (words to spell, math problems to answer, history facts to remember, whatever) for their own children. Children "compete" in ten rounds of action. Even if they miss one, they go on slinging.

The Bee: Stand up, put your toes behind the line on the floor, answer your question, bang the drum, sit down.

The Verdict: Totally hilarious and fun!

We started out with the six children in our Lego League family (minus one sleeping little brother), and held our first bee right before Lego League yesterday.

After the bee, the kids had chocolate cake, courtesy of Ben and Shira. Nothing says "Don't Forget the Silent E" like a lovely piece of cake!

We also had a democratic meeting about whether to expand our bee, how often to have one, whether to include all different subjects, how to deal with the squirminess of the children who are waiting to stand and spell, how competitive to make the "non-elimination" aspect of it, etc. Of course, since it was a democratic meeting, the results were inconclusive. Hehehe. Next Monday, another bee.

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  1. What a wonderful idea! Sounds like fun.