Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Tiniest Violin Ever

Yesterday we went to Angelico Violins. They recently moved from near ODU to this gorgeous new store in Chesapeake. If you haven't visited their new location, it's definitely something to look forward to! A whole new feeling in the place, and right on the water with a terrace and huge windows. Delightful!

SInce Sadie has been dragging Benny's violin around the house, Mrs. Ford and I agreed she might be able to have her own violin. Here she is getting fitted for her instrument:

She was delighted to get her very own violin!

We had to wait for a while as the lady there cleaned Benny's violin and changed the strings, but we were not at a loss for entertainment. While in the store, Benny and Sadie both had a blast jamming on the junior drum kits.

They are growing up. *sniff* Bring on Tuka Tuka Stop Stop! :D

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