Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Tales Book Club Videos

My friend Veronica and I have been having "Happy Tales Book Club" on the first Wednesday of every month at the Kempsville Library since last spring. Other people and other children have come and gone and come again and gone again, but our four kids are getting a lot out of the regular "stand up and speak" practice of giving book reports. Also we're learning different literary terms and doing little projects and whatnot. It's fun. Well, at our December meeting, Benny gave this report on the book "Fairy Houses":

Yes, I did get his hair cut a few days later. Hehehe.

Sadie gave this report on the book "The Christmas Cat":

Here's a transcript, for those who don't speak Sadie:

Sadie: Something something something, The Christmas Cat! Came to the forest! And then came through the forest!
Phillip: She's a baby.
Sadie: I'm not a baby, but I -
Benny: She's not really a baby.
Sadie; I'm not a baby; I'm a HUMAN.
Phillip: No.
Sadie: I am!
Phillip: You're not.
Sadie: I am! I am a human!
Phillip: No. You're a GIRL.
Sadie: I'm NOT.
Benny: She's a human girl.
Sadie: Something something something...

For us, it's a hilarious record of the way our kids interact at the moment, at this stage in their development. Both Phillip (3) and Sadie (2) are very interested in not being a baby. And Phillip is also interested in defining himself in the older group (with Benny and Zoe) and so wants to distance himself from the younger group (formerly himself and Sadie).

Anyway, this video got passed around to my friends and internet neighbors, and yesterday it got Boing-Boinged. Which led, no doubt, to the 30,000 hits. There are other reasons, like the word "heckler" in the title of the video -- that word is getting a lot of attention right now, from the Kramer episode. So that could account for a lot of it.

Wow, it's interesting having your child's book report seen by 30,000 people on the internet. I must tell you, and I'm sorry to tattle on humanity in this way, but I have to report that some people responded with nasty comments and one actually called my tiny 2 year old daugher "f**king retarded." I am as cynical and jaded as the next guy (well, okay, maybe I'm *not* as cynical and jaded as the next guy!) but that appalled even me. So I took that comment down. I'm as hot for free speech as the next guy (okay, again, maybe not) but after all, Benny could read that comment, and that's just not right.


  1. Anonymous10:27 PM

    That's the cutest thing ever. It's so cool you got boing boinged!

    But what is with all the idiots out there with the nasty comments? Sometimes I really wonder about the world...

  2. Anonymous8:13 AM

    Too cute!

    Maybe the "F--- R-------" person was referring to himself (or herself), if he or she perhaps thought that was a 20-year-old instead of a 2-year-old. I think your daughter's brilliant that she knows she a human!

  3. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I watched these book reports and they made my CHEST ache, they are so wonderful. And then I flashed on when Benny was, maybe 18 months old or maybe even 2ish and you were obsessing because he wasn't talking yet, and everyone had to reassure you that he was going to start talking any day. And NOW look! He's commanding the PODIUM and saying, with authority, "Any questions?" MAN, I loved seeing these videos. They are beyond fabulous. Thanks for sharing them.
    Leslie, in Hiawatha

  4. Anonymous12:56 PM

    OMG! Sooooo cute! I love this idea. I for one, thought his hair was very cute, in that mad scientist way that is all the rage right now (no really, it is) AND my three-year-old still insists that she is NOT a girl. Now I just have to teach her to properly respond that she is hooman. :)

  5. Anonymous10:05 AM

    I first saw this on the evening news. What an adorable little girl! I just had to see it again. I'm not amazed at her being able to to read at such a young age. It is her response of "I'm human." that I find just priceless. Who would have thought that it a comeback to unwanted taunts! I just love it.