Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Butterfly Gardens at Christ and St. Lukes

Last week during the congregational meeting, the kids in the church planted a butterfly bed in the Lychgate Garden at Christ and St. Luke's. It's completely darling! On Sunday morning, Benny got to lead the parade of children on the butterfly processional on Sunday morning, carrying the big butterfly balloon and acting extremely solemn and unnaturally sanctimonious. For some reason, Benny really gets these occasions, and dons the appropriate attitude. Had I known, I would have ironed his pants. Oh well.

Here are the kids lined up for the procession:

Here they're listening to Ms. Charlie pray over the garden and give thanks for all things that grow:

Here they are placing their butterfly wands over the sticks that were waiting in the garden:

And here is the finished product:

The folks running the kids program at Christ and St. Lukes are wonderful, and I just love my church. I don't care if this church plants a giant hunk of magma in the middle of historic Ghent with a spaceship carousel on top that plays "Funky Town" when the moon is bright -- they are a credit to the community and Ms. Charlie and Ms. Barbara are absolute gems. Benny is very lucky to be part of the program.

Here's a little video of part of the dedication:

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