Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Swim and Gym at the YMCA

What a deal. A tumbling class and a swimming class, back to back, for three and four year olds at the YMCA. Tuck, straddle, tuck, straddle. Pictures inside.

First they do gymnastics upstairs. For 45 minutes they jump, tumble, hang, somersault, pop around, and laugh.

Then they get their shoes on, pack up their things, and trundle downstairs.

Then they go down to the locker room, change into their swimming suits, pack their clothes into their backpack and put the backpacks in the basket, and then they swim! They get a 45 minute swimming lesson with two teachers, and they have a great time.

Happy girl. And for older siblings up to age 9, the YMCA has Kid Gym going on at the same time. Great morning for all the kids, while the moms go sweat on the machines! What a deal.

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