Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sadie is Three

She's been three for five whole days. In that time, she started ballet lessons, acquired a penchant for wearing her Cinderella dress around the house, and learned how to correct me for not saying "bless you" promptly when she sneezes. Charming.

Here she is:

How am I supposed to cope with this person GETTING OLDER? Possibly even someday hollering at me, "MOM I HATE YOU - YOU NEVER UNDERSTAND ME" before she slams the bedroom door and throws herself on her bed? Maybe even leaving the house without me? Going to college? Getting married? Changing diapers on her own kid?


That was me dying inside.

In better news, the birthday was fantastic. We drove to the balloon store and got a dozen balloons, drove to the cake store and got her Ballerina Pink Princess Magic Sparkle Glamor Barbie cake, and then had a small party with our closest friends and family, right at our house. It was so nice. Everyone ate cake and sang and Sadie blew out candles, and then she played outside with her brother and her two best friends, and it was very very sweet and calm and charming. Maybe next year we'll do the serious birthday party situation, but I'm glad we got one more year in where the action happens in the living room and the kid can just relax at her party. Benny wants to have his at the YMCA this year. I guarantee that will not be relaxing for anyone.

Here she is, the birthday girl. I think she looks just awesome in a tiara. ;D

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